Between craftsmanship and art

In its creative process, Non Solo Luce uses different types of prestigious materials, such as brass, hand-ground crystal, different fabrics and other innovative materials, playing with light to create new textures, new shapes and new inspirations that enhance the aesthetic value of light.

From design to prototype, Non Solo Luce produces special items, exceptional creations in which art and crafts meet, carrying all the knowledge of tradition, as well as a strong creative component and an incommensurable artistic value.

Creative inspiration, attention to detail, experimentation in the use of techniques and materials are among the characteristics at the base of the creation of unique objects able to stimulate emotions and sensations and to make the environment in which they are inserted special and unique.

Almost all the manufacturing is done inside Non Solo Luce’s headquarters: from the moment in which the drawings or sketches arrive we start studying solutions and experimenting to realize the prototype. The manufacturing process is studied in detail and is entirely executed by hand. As for raw brass casting, for example, the material is chiselled by hand: the art of chiseling is the heart of the production.

Even if all the manufacturing is done manually, templates are used to make prototypes that allow to create articles that are as similar as possible to each other.

The only external steps are electroplating and foundry, while the gold leaf finish and the trimmings are done internally.