The light of an idea…

The idea is a light that turns on: the light bulb, which in an instant brings us light with a simple gesture, is the symbol for new ideas since 1879, the year in which Thomas Alva Edison patented it. Today the metaphor is obvious but for us, in Non Solo Luce, the connection between light and creative idea continues to be the basis of our work. Every idea is bearer of a new light, a new project, a new reality.

The passion for light and the vocation for experimentation lead us every day to the study of materials, to the research of new finishes and to the creation of a product that is alive, unique and always different, all starting from a simple idea.

Materials like crystal, glass, metal, fabrics go beyond their common uses to create new shapes: freedom of experimentation leads us to work with ideas, to undertake, starting from every sketch or drawing, a unique journey with a thousand reflections and a thousand nuances.